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Shipping Lunch November 9, 2023
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Shipping Lunch November 9, 2023

  • Posted by: zin
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After a 3.5-year hiatus, the much-anticipated Vancouver Shipping Luncheon made a remarkable return on Nov 9 at Terminal City Club. Organized by Bernie Jones and Haijun Yu of Vancouver ShipInvest and Management Ltd, the event recaptured its former glory, drawing an enthusiastic attendances. As Haijun Said “we aim to provide you with a platform to reconnect with old acquaintances, make new contacts, and engage in meaningful conversations that is the core value of this event and that will contribute to the network for local shipping community.

Thanks for the support from Chamber Shipping, Bonnie Gee, the President of the Chamber Shipping, delivered an inspiring and insightful opening speech, setting the tone for the event.

The keynote speaker Captain Paul from LNG Canada, updated the LNG Canada latest development and the challenges during past years on Marine side.

Another Keynote speaker Mr. Calvin Xu, the founder and CEO of True North Energy Limited, shared his remarkable experience to export Canadian LNG through ISO tanks to Asian countries.

The re-emergence of the Vancouver Shipping Luncheon not only rekindled the spirit of collaboration and networking among maritime professionals but also reinstated its position as a crucial fixture in the calendar of the local shipping community. With the assurance and commitment from Bernie and Haijun to continue this tradition, the outlook for the Vancouver Shipping Luncheon appears promising.