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Vancouver ShipInvest and Management Ltd (VSIM) is a Vancouver ship investment company set up to take advantage of the positive investment climate that exists in Vancouver.

There is an initiative – The Vancouver International Maritime Centre (VIMC) – which is funded by the Provincial and Federal governments, to increase the shipping presence in Vancouver. They have set up certain tax incentives, and also some potential immigration benefits to bring shipowners to Vancouver. We intend to work closely with them to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

At VSIM, ship owning is not only our job, but also our passion – we are dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams of ship owning. We are looking to attract funds from investors to purchase commercial ships, especially dry cargo ships and base our operation in Vancouver, Canada. We invest in what we believe are low-risk traditional ships with appreciation of the asset value and favourable cash profiles.

In addition, VSIM is organizing a monthly Vancouver Shipping luncheon, to facilitate growth in the Vancouver shipping community, build up our local shipping network and platform and help others do the same.


The principals of VSIM have over a decade of experience in the shipping market, in all aspects of shipping from sale and purchase, new building, and shipping finance, to chartering, projects, and ship management. The company was founded in early 2016 with the successful prediction that the dry market would improve. Since then, we have put in tremendous work to educate our investors in following our shipping market philosophy, which we believe can create more profitable shipping investment opportunities.

Latest News

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